Brasilian Music Treasure Hunt
-notes from a search for musical treasure from Brazil -a quest for insight and understanding with a tendency to lapse into compulsive shopping

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Brazilian Piano Man Overcomes Stroke and Shines Anew in New York
It is easy to see the architect within Aloísio Aguiar. The way he organizes, decorates and displays things in his little apartment, the charm of the perfect hat for the season, the eye for detail and shapes.
Christiaan Oyens - Adeus Paraíso
The Voice of the Lap Steel Guitar

The Phoenix:
Brazil nuts
The return of Os Mutantes

The Girls From Brazil
A crop of silky new vocalists is breaking rules while remaining true to the country's musical traditions

The Times-Picayune:
Assad Brothers perform classical music like you've never heard it before
Sergio and Odair Assad keep the baggage light when they tour -- just a couple of nylon-string classical guitars. But the Brazilian duo has learned to shoulder some heavy accolades since coming onto the scene in the early 1980s.
Brazil-iant performance
Sergio and Odair Assad put zing in the strings of their guitars

Orlando Sentinel:
São Paulo orchestra offers the flavors of Europe and Brazil
In 1997, the orchestra in Brazil's state of São Paulo was barely hanging on. It rehearsed in a restaurant. It performed in movie theaters. Audiences were scanty.

Sao Paulo orchestra plans to dazzle Wake Forest audience
Let's face it. Europe and the United States come to mind when we think of places with great orchestras. Latin America does not.
Kiwi-Brazil blend
It was only a matter of time. With about 6000 Brazilians living in New Zealand and more than 1000 in Queenstown, their music has started to seep on to Kiwi airwaves.

Blogger News:
Let the Music Play in Brazil
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