Brasilian Music Treasure Hunt
-notes from a search for musical treasure from Brazil -a quest for insight and understanding with a tendency to lapse into compulsive shopping

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O Biscoito Fino e a Massa:
Paêbirú (1975), de Lula Côrtes e Zé Ramalho
É das coisas mais malucas e assombrosas que já se fez em música brasileira, mas eu me surpreenderia muito se eu tiver mais de 5 leitores que a conheçam. O nome é escrito assim mesmo, com a combinação agramatical de acentos.

Music News:
Por que somos piratas musicais?
Com só uma loja de música digital e um catálogo reduzido, brasileiros são empurrados para troca ilegal de arquivos

Francis Hime lança CD Arquitetura da Flor
Autor traz dez novas canções, e duas regravações, no disco mais despojado de carreira

City Pages
Tom Zé - Estudando O Pagode
As insouciant teenage punks, my friends and I knew noise: guitar feedback, cat-in-heat screams, drums pummeling. Until one day, when a friend's impish father played us a track off of some "world music" disc. It was of the forgotten Tropicaliaist and Brazilian songwriter Tom Zé compiled by Talking Head David Byrne, and it was the third track, "Toc," that steamrolled us.

East Bay Express:
Estudando O Pagode: Na Opereta Segregamulher e Amor
Along with better-known artists like Gilberto Gil and Caetano Veloso, Tom Zé helped create tropicalia, the '60s musical movement that combined samba and other traditional Brazilian rhythms with American rock, soul, and radical politics.
Musical theater by a pop insurgent
Tom Zé may be nearly 70, but he's way more rebellious than most teen upstarts — a global pop insurgent and critical folklorist armed with political theory, wry sarcasm and boundless musical mischief.

The New Yorker:
From A to Zé:
The Brazilian musician Tom Zé is turning seventy this year. Zé is one of the founders of tropicalia, a loose musical aggregation that began in São Paulo in the late nineteen-sixties; leaned heavily on late-period Beatles, bossa nova, and studio experimentation; and included such performers as Zé, Caetano Veloso, and Gilberto Gil.

Seu Jorge - The Life Aquatic Studio Sessions
If you ever seen one of Anderson's movies you'll be familiar with his off-kilter sense of humour. Jorge's role in the movie could easily have been swallowed up by the rest of Bill Murray's aquatic eccentrics if it weren't for his splendid renditions of David Bowie's hits in Portuguese.