Brasilian Music Treasure Hunt
-notes from a search for musical treasure from Brazil -a quest for insight and understanding with a tendency to lapse into compulsive shopping

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Livro argentino vê Brasil via Tropicália
"Ele não tem dúvidas, tem certezas que oscilam." É Maria Bethânia quem assim define Caetano Veloso em "Estación Brasil", uma coletânea de entrevistas com alguns dos grandes nomes da música brasileira lançada na semana passada em Buenos Aires.

Música Brasileira from A-Z:
André Domingues - Os 100 Melhores CDs da MPB
Curious about what the most relevant CDs in Brazilian music history are? The book Os 100 Melhores CDs da MPB will satisfy your cravings while also clarifying what a xote and other musical genres are.
Jovino Santos Neto - Roda Carioca
With each new album Jovino Santos Neto releases, he continues his amazing trajectory to solidify his position as a first-rate Brazilian instrumentalist.
Marco André - Amazônia Groove
Although it's an important ingredient in Brazilian music, there's still little attention paid to the music that comes from the Amazon region
Minaswing - Mineral
Following its 2003 debut, Beautiful Horizon, Japan-based Minaswing comes back with a winning formula of original songs and well-known pieces.
Sambajazz Trio - Agora Sim!
With this album the Sambajazz Trio pays tribute to the good old piano-bass-drums tradition that used to be present in Brazil's major cities.
Sergio Augusto - Tudo Que Arde, Cura
No matter what naysayers might want to imply, the truth is that Bossa Nova will never die. Sergio Augusto is keeping Bossa Nova alive and well.
Tim Drackert Group - Rio
Brazilian music indeed seems to cover the whole world. Just when you think you have thought of all places, you discover a new group performing Brazilian classics in Montana!
Meet Normando Santos, a great brazilian guitarist since the beginning of bossa nova.