Brasilian Music Treasure Hunt
-notes from a search for musical treasure from Brazil -a quest for insight and understanding with a tendency to lapse into compulsive shopping

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Música Brasileira:
Daniela Mercury - Clássica
The story of Daniela Mercury (Salvador, Bahia, 1965) is told many times: how she fell in love with dancing at a very young age; how she entered the world of singers through bars, pubs and, most crucial, the famous trio elétricos, the impressive mobile stages used in Salvador's carnival parades.
Fred Martins - Raro e Comum
Fred Martins (1970) is from Niterói, across the bay from Rio de Janeiro.
Quarteto Maogani - Annotated Discography
Cordas Cruzadas
Água de Beber
Raphael Rabello - Cry, My Guitar
Raphael Rabello (Petrópolis, RJ, 1962 - Rio de Janeiro, RJ, 1995) was a guitarist virtuoso who left an unforgettable mark in Brazilian music.
Trio da Paz - Somewhere
Even though the members of Trio da Paz began performing together in 1985 -- "just for fun," said Matta -- the trio was formed in 1989. With Duduka da Fonseca on drums and percussion, Romero Lubambo on guitars and Nilson Matta on bass, the trio has released four solo albums to date.
MB's 16th Notes
Marcelo Zarvos: Music Journal
Márcio Faraco: Ciranda
Rabo de Lagartixa: Quebra-Queixo

O Dia - No Estúdio:
Sai quarto disco ao vivo de Simone com versão de Damien Rice feita por Zélia
Quarto registro de show da Cigarra, Simone ao Vivo sai este mês nos formatos de CD e DVD.

Ivan Lins leva o Grammy Latino de álbum do ano
O brasileiro superou a espanhola Bebe, o porto-riquenho Obie Bermúdez, o grupo mexicano Intocable e o argentino Diego Torres

NY Times:
Overcoming the Stereotype of Sexy and Sophisticated
Tall and dreadlocked, wearing a pinstriped suit, the Brazilian singer Seu Jorge is at the Bowery Ballroom one Monday night in September, performing David Bowie songs in Portuguese. There are few Brazilians in attendance, however; the crowd is instead heavy on jittery Anglo men and their tall girlfriends - less like a Brazilian cultural event and more like the opening of a Wes Anderson film.