Brasilian Music Treasure Hunt
-notes from a search for musical treasure from Brazil -a quest for insight and understanding with a tendency to lapse into compulsive shopping

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Correio da Bahia:
A princesa do samba
Juliana Diniz estréia cercada de bambas e reforça a renovação feminina no ritmo
Arthur Verocai - Saudade Demais
Bossa Nova and guitar never sounded so smooth!
Chico Pinheiro
His latest self-titled album continues that excellent beginning.
Marimbanda - Annotated Discography
Complete discography in English and Portuguese
Nilze Carvalho - Estava Faltando Você
What a samba singer she is! You will think of Clara Nunes for sure.
Rosa Passos - Annotated Discography
Her discography is now also available in Portuguese.
Zeca Baleiro - Baladas do Asfalto & Outros Blues
Rock ballads and pop songs
Zélia Duncan - Pré-Pós-Tudo-Bossa-Band
Coming from Zélia, it's an impressive release, of course.
Zezo Ribeiro & Chico César - Brincadeira
Together making joyful music
MB's 16th Notes
Josee Koning
Pedro Mariano
Toninho Horta
Vander Lee

Jovino Santos Neto:
New CD!
This new work features the best of Brazilian musicians, including Marcio Bahia (drums), Rogério Botter Maio (bass), Fabio Pascoal (percussion), Hermeto Pascoal(melodica), Joyce(voice), Hamilton de Holanda(mandolin), Marcos Amorim (guitar) and Gabriel Grossi (harmonica).

Daniella Thompson on Brazil:
João Gilberto’s musical history online
What orkut is good for

Montreal Mirror:
The life dramatic
His hardscrabble youth in the slums of Rio de Janeiro could have been a dead end for Seu Jorge, but perseverance and talent have led him to a dual career as musician and actor

Boston Globe:
Seu Jorge does it all -- and plays a mean samba, too
Next week, Brazilian singer-songwriter Seu Jorge will play the character that fits him best, a fun-loving bon vivant with a passel of samba driven songs.
Songs in the mood of bossa nova
Celso Fonseca's music is rooted in bossa nova and samba but influenced by everyone from the Beatles to Burt Bacharach.
Jorge: 'The coolest man on the planet'?
"He's the guy who sang the David Bowie covers -- in Portuguese -- in the Life Aquatic." For better or worse, this is how word of Seu Jorge is currently, and most succinctly, being spread to non-aficionados of contemporary Brazilian music.

The Daily Collegian:
Seu Jorge tells it like it is
"I write about life as I see it. I don't preach, I just tell. I don't see myself as political either, I just tell it as I feel. If this is interpreted differently and can help people, this is a bonus."

South Florida Sun-Sentinel:
Jorge flips the traditions of samba with cool sounds
He's both the bad boy of Brazilian samba and the go-to guy for filmmakers eager to enhance their movies with an extra layer of cool.

The McGill Daily:
Seu Jorge and Carioca set to samba
Two boys from Ipanema come all the way to Montreal to help protect our mountain

Miami Herald:
A musician's bumpy journey
Brazilian Seu Jorge, playing at I/O Thursday, tells it like it is in music with a contemporary samba beat.