Brasilian Music Treasure Hunt
-notes from a search for musical treasure from Brazil -a quest for insight and understanding with a tendency to lapse into compulsive shopping

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Refazendo a maneira de gerir a cultura
Misturar diversidades, articular contrários, harmonizar conflitos. O compositor Gilberto Gil levou os princípios de sua carreira musical para o Ministério da Cultura, que assumiu em janeiro de 2003.

A Filha do Maestro - por Thalma de Freitas
Rosa Passos hopes to bring bossa nova to Brazil
"Rosa's path is overseas, but in Brazil she won't find much room," says music critic Tarik de Souza, the author of "Tem Mais Samba," a history of samba in Brazil. "It's a young country - everybody always is looking for something new. Things burn out and disappear quickly."

Malaysia Star:
Bebel Gilberto - the bossa nova princess
The music of Bebel Gilberto might not be easily available here, but you can bet this Brazilian bossa nova singer has a sizeable cult audience in this country. Yes, a really big audience.

South Florida Sun-Sentinel:
Brazilian songwriter pays tribute to composer who helped shape bossa nova
"My father always said he wanted his songs to be hummed among taxi drivers," says guitarist Paulo Jobim, who started working with his father in his adolescent years and served as music director for the elder Jobim's Banda Nova until his death in 1994.

Miami Herald:
Musical giant gave us more than `Ipanema'
''Dad wanted to be a classical pianist,'' the legendary composer's son, Paulo Jobim, said during a recent phone conversation from his home in Rio de Janeiro. ``But he was already too grown up when he started. He saw all the little girls playing their lessons fast, very fast, but he couldn't catch up.''