Brasilian Music Treasure Hunt
-notes from a search for musical treasure from Brazil -a quest for insight and understanding with a tendency to lapse into compulsive shopping

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Revisita MPB:
Luiz Gonzaga II
Cum um bucado de roupa minha sanfona e dinheiro
Eu vim prá terra da luz qui é o Rio de Janeiro

Gosto de Samba:
As vitrines (Chico Buarque)
Coisas do mundo, minha nêga (Paulinho da Viola)

Eu canto samba:
Dois de Fevereiro (Dorival Caymmi)
Em homenagem ao dia de hoje, esse lindo samba de 1958 do baiano Dorival Caymmi.
Pecadora (Jair do Cavaquinho / Joãozinho)
Atendendo a pedidos (não acostumem não:-), um dos grandes sucessos de Jair do Cavaquinho e das rodas de samba da cidade.

Assorted Brazilian Biscuits
Given the brushoff by BMG, singer Maria Bethânia signed with Biscoito Fino and began releasing the kind of music she likes to do. Her double CD Maricotinha Ao Vivo did so well that she followed it up with a religious album that few in the industry would have thought commercial. It's excellent.

Santa Cruz Sentinel:
Spend a night in Brazil with Claudia Villela and friends
Those who have heard Villela sing know that — as a musician — she has not left her childhood dreams behind. Blending the curative powers of bossa nova and the samba with jazz, the woman from the Botafogo invites audiences into the heavens, making them feel better in the process.

Salt Lake Tribune:
Sambaguru brings balmy Brazilian jazz to icy SLC
The Brazilian beat of Katia Moraes & Sambaguru promises to transport freezing Utahns to a warmer, upbeat place during a performance of Jazz at the Sheraton on Monday. It's summer in Brazil, after all, Moraes notes.