Brasilian Music Treasure Hunt
-notes from a search for musical treasure from Brazil -a quest for insight and understanding with a tendency to lapse into compulsive shopping

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Música, Música:
Série 2 em 1 (EMI)
Acaba de ser lançada uma nova leva da série 2 em 1 da EMI, que reúne dois LPs em um CD, dos catálogos da Odeon, Copacabana e Marcus Pereira. Alguns títulos são inéditos em CD, alguns misturam um disco inédito com outro já lançado e outros repetem edições antigas da 2 em 1.

Expresso 2222:
Sylvia Telles - The Music of Mr. Jobim
A intérprete favorita do maestro Antonio Carlos Jobim retribui esta admiração através de um disco em sua homenagem. Syvia Telles lançou "The music of Mr. Jobim" em 1965, pela então gravadora Elenco, e finalmente esse trabalho chega ao formato de CD (pelo selo Dubas).

Daniella Thompson on Brazil:
The Bœuf chronicles
Au Temps du Bœuf sur le Toit.

The Courier-Gazette:
Tom's Picks: Eve 6, new Dylan and Yo-Yo Ma visits Brazil
The music is perhaps too gentle for the most part, but it is no "tourist" effort either, even though there are two songs by Antonio Carlos Jobim, including the breezy pop of "Chega de Saudade."

The Oregonian:
Capturing the soul of Brazil with Yo-Yo Ma
The voice of Brazilian music is a rich mishmash, a romp of native dance layered by the influence of African and European sounds. We are left with the rowdy soul of Brazilian music: breezy bossa novas and sambas, haunting choros and new classical works, as various as their roots.

Boston Globe:
Ma and mates fail to brighten the colorless material of 'Brazil'
On his new ''Obrigado Brazil'' album and in the Latin-American concert it spawned Sunday night at Tanglewood, Yo-Yo Ma is once again playing Don Quixote to a musical Dulcinea. And as in his other crossover albums, he is surrounded by gifted musicians who also do their best to ennoble what is pretty commonplace material.

Rocky Mountain News:
Yo-Yo Ma album embraces Brazil
He has rocked with Bach, fiddled with Appalachia, crouched with tigers, tangoed in Argentina, traded on the Silk Road. Now, Yo-Yo is going Rio.