Brasilian Music Treasure Hunt
-notes from a search for musical treasure from Brazil -a quest for insight and understanding with a tendency to lapse into compulsive shopping

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2001-06-30 - Jazz Fest - Her father's daughter - Bebel Gilberto fashions bossa nova for the new millennium

The Globe and Mail:
A cool bossa diva on a hot night - Bebel Gilberto at du Maurier Downtown Jazz, Nathan Phillips Square in Toronto, on Thursday

Toronto Star:
Brazilian diva's show anything but smooth - Bebel Gilberto, prior to taking the stage for her sold-out Downtown Jazz Festival gig in the big tent in Nathan Phillips Square, was introduced as a singer who had the power to bring you completely under her spell before you even had a clue that you'd been seduced. : Bebel Does Bossa

All Brazilian Music:
João Donato sings the Amazon
Mauro Senise - Dançando nas Nuvens
Dominguinhos - Lembrando de Você

El Pais:
Marcos Valle: Nueva Bossa Nova - El músico carioca publica 'Escape', una muestra de la actual bossa electrónica
La Contagiosa Risa de Henri Salvador - Este intérprete de 83 años, amigo de Boris Vian y Quincy Jones, conserva una voz extraordinariamente joven.